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Preview: A Silent Hour – Buskers of Singapore by Toy Factory

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Having started off their 2019 season with Stanley Seah’s The Transition Room, Toy Factory is back again this April with a new addition to their outreach programme for inclusive theatrical sharing as they present A Silent Hour: Buskers of Singapore.

Conceptualized and developed by Associate Artistic Director Stanley Seah, A Silent Hour was inspired by street performers who perform with passion and gusto every day, and for this theatrical production to act as a means to feature both talent and the performer’s life story, inherently linked to each act. A Silent Hour will feature 22-year old Mathematic & Economics student Yee Kien, one of Singapore’s youngest street musicians as he shares his life stories and busking experiences, sharing and educating audiences about his daily life and his undefeatable passion despite the everyday struggles. Somehow, he continues to busk not for a living, but for the sheer love of it.

Comparing theatre and busking, Stanley feels that buskers are “the bravest of artists” as they perform despite not being a guarantee of a staying audience as compared to ticketed art events. Armed with a big talent and an even bigger heart, join Yee Kien and Toy Factory in an intimate afternoon of stories and “mouth music” with A Silent Hour, and connect with his tales as a boy living in Singapore living his best life, perhaps surprisingly similar to what we ourselves face in the everyday.

A Silent Hour: Buskers of Singapore plays from 5th to 13th April 2019 at NOWplaying@17. Tickets available from Eventbrite


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