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Preview: SIDES 2019 by Frontier Danceland

Frontier Danceland returns with a new edition of annual mid-year production SIDES this May. Playing at the SOTA Studio Theatre, SIDES 2019 is set to feature a double-bill of new work by renowned choreographers Shahar Binyamini (Israel) and Neus Gil Cortés (Spain/UK), specially created for and performed by Frontier Danceland company artists.

Returning for his third outing as choreographer-in-residence with Frontier Danceland, Shahar Binyamini is back with Wet Ostrich, created in collaboration with Edouard Hue. The oddly titled and high energy choreography was inspired by the crazed delight of ostriches in response to the falling rain, delving into the intensity of emotions: from euphoria to despair, and finds that sometimes they are indistinguishable. Meanwhile, in There’s something I should tell you, Neus Gil Cortés’ Frontier Danceland debut, the work examines the liquid, constantly changing nature of time – at times liquid, and at others, heavy and immovable. Some memories haunt us, inviting us to visit them over and over again. In doing so, we take them apart and try to disentangle them, so as to be able to piece the fragments together again, attempting to fit the large pieces and small details.

Promising to delight and move audiences with both strength and beauty in movement and expression, watch as the choreographers of SIDES 2019 lend Frontier Danceland their voice through movement, and invite audience members to immerse themselves in these unique experiences of movement, music and discovery.

SIDES 2019 plays at the SOTA Studio Theatre from 10th to 11th May 2019. Tickets available from SISTIC 

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