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Touring the UK 2019: Boeing-Boeing 2019/20 UK Tour

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LONDON – Things are about to get plane crazy in the UK as Marc Camoletti’s smash hit Broadway/West End comedy Boeing-Boeing goes on tour around the country this year!

In this new production directed by Guy Unsworth and presented by Dan Looney, adam Paulden and Jason Haigh-Ellery for DLAP Entertainment, Tom Lister (Emmerdale) and Daniel Casey (Midsomer Murders) headline the cast as Bernard and Robert respectively, as the play opens at Brighton Theatre Royal this September.

A classic French farce, Boeing-Boeing follows the Cassanova-like playboy Bernard, who has somehow managed to keep his three fiancés blissfully unaware of each other. Three Flight Attendants, three different airlines, three different timetables – it’s the perfect ploy where each woman never meets the other, allowing Bernard to avoid having his intricate love life crashing down to earth.

But it’s 1965, and Boeing have launched a new, faster aeroplane that’s going to create some serious turbulence, messing up schedules with more delays, faster flights and all around chaos. With all three fiancés in his home at the same time, the hilarity really begins to take-off as Bernard falls apart trying to juggle all three stewardesses! With the help of his long-suffering maid and befuddled best friend Robert, will Bernard survive the turbulence? You’d best buckle up and sit tight, because Boeing-Boeing promises a barrel full of laughs that’ll have you falling out of your seat over with this brand new UK tour.

Boeing Boeing opens its 2019/20 tour at the Brighton Theatre Royal on 4th September 2019. For a full list of tour dates and tickets, visit their website here

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