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Ding Yi Music Company Awarded The Third Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (Organisation)

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Ding Yi Music Company has received the third Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (Organisation), awarded by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Having started in 2017, the award recognises individuals and organisations from various arts and culture sectors in Singapore, who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion, enrichment and development to the Singapore Chinese culture.

Since being founded in 2007, Ding Yi has made major contributions to the local music scene, considered the pioneer and advocator of Chinese chamber music in Singapore as promoters and cultivating public interest. Since 2013, Ding Yi has been organising the biennial Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival, which promotes the awareness of Chinese chamber music by introducing various distinct Chinese chamber music groups to the local audiences, as well as Composium, a triennial composition competition and symposium festival since 2012 which has collected over 130 new Chinese chamber music works from composers worldwide, increasing the exposure of the genre exponentially. Ding Yi has also organised over 250 outreach and school programmes, attracting over 8000 audience members annually.

Says Wong De Li, Dedric, Ding Yi general manager and assistant conductor: “Music and culture are closely linked, and this represents the unremitting spirit of Ding Yi to promote music and Singapore Chinese culture! We are deeply honoured and encouraged by this award. We are convinced that continuous efforts to promote Chinese chamber music, cross-disciplinary art forms and multidisciplinary art concerts with Singapore’s characteristics are necessary and must be explored in depth. We hope Ding Yi will bring music with Singapore characteristics to the international stage, to promote Singaporean Chinese culture and create a new atmosphere of Chinese music.”



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