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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019: Pops by Charlotte Josephine

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EDINBURGH – From critically acclaimed writer Charlotte Josephine (Bitch Boxer; Blush) comes Pops, a new play about a father (Nigel Barrett) and daughter (Sophie Melville) caught in a cycle of addiction, unable to break the vicious cycle as hard as they try.

Playing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 as part of HighTide’s Disruption series, in partnership with Assembly Roxy, Pops asks challenging questions about mental health, and looks at what is inherited and who is responsible, particularly in this harsh political climate. Comments writer Charlotte Josephine: “The cruelness of austerity is, of course, that it damages those who need the most support. The tabloids enjoy spreading lies that addiction is a choice, an ignorance, a greedy self-indulgence. It’s hard to get well when the national narrative is repeatedly insisting you’re bad, not sick. Shame is a killer, and the antidote to shame is empathy. Story telling is empathy making, and there’s no better art form for story telling than live theatre. We need it, now more than ever.”

As much as conversation around mental health has increased, the stigmas asurrounding them persist, especially for the working class. Pops then seeks to tell a story that rids people of self-inflicted shame. Directed by Ali Pidsley of Barrel Organ, Pops uses the father-daughter relationship to explores how two people attempt to connect with each other when they don’t have the language to do so, where loving each other in the way they truly want to would involve forgiving the unforgivable.

Says director Ali Pidsley: “We could not be more excited about making this beautiful new play with two such truthful, generous, playful actors. Pops centres around a knotty, but very honest dynamic between two people, and Sophie and Nigel are really going to make that dynamic sing.”

Pops runs from 31st July to 26th August 2019 (not inclusive of 12th August) at Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9SU. Tickets and more information available here

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