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Preview: Musical Frontiers 2019 by Ding Yi Music Company

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Bringing two unlike worlds together, this August, get ready as Ding Yi Music Company returns with the third edition of their Musical Frontiers series, this time uniting Ding Yi with the award-winning Vietnamese Bamboo Ensemble, Suc Song Moi (The New Vitality) in their first ever visit to Singapore for a music showcase and collaboration

One an intimate Chinese chamber music company best known for its contemporary spin to the traditional Chinese classics, the other, the only Vietnamese music group which performs symphonic orchestrations using handmade bamboo instruments, both groups may have very different music and styles but share a common goal: to promote their  unique music composition and sound to the world.

Challenging the boundaries of music and bridging two distinct genres of music entities, from different culture, this edition of  Musical Frontiers will have Suc Song Moi presenting the piece Rippling Brook 《小河淌水》, which they presented in 2018 at the China and Vietnam intercultural music concert in Guangxi. Specially for this series, this piece will be rearranged by local young composer Liong Kit Yeng for Chinese chamber music and bamboo music. In addition, the concert will also showcase a series of Vietnamese folk songs, such as The Shadow of Ko Nia Tree (野杏 仁树之恋) and Missing you (思念).

Says Ding Yi Principal Conductor Quek Ling Kiong: “Singapore is often deemed as a rich and diversity country with its a multi-cultural and languages, this concert too ride on this notion. We hope that our local audience will come to appreciate this idea and the music we put together. We believe that music is flexible, it connects people, and it is borderless!”

Musical Frontiers plays on 11th August 2019 at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Tickets available from SISTIC

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