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Rabbit Carrot Gun Launches The World’s First Impossible™ Scotch Egg



In a world first, local contemporary casual eatery, Rabbit Carrot Gun, has embraced Impossible Foods to create something truly special – an Impossible™ Scotch Egg!

Having been around for 6 years already, Rabbit Carrot Gun is constantly looking to improve their service and offerings, having recently changed up their décor to keep up with the times, and showing us the desire to always improve and do better. When asked, the team said that the idea came together rather quickly, and that it was almost natural that they would eventually introduce such a dish. 

Scotch Eggs are of course, a quintessential British favourite. Putting a new spin on the British pub classic, Rabbit Carrot Gun is all about making comfort food that will respond well in both Singapore and London. With this innovative take on the Scotch Egg, the result is a flavourful meat-free pub classic cooked to perfection, the ideal option for vegetarians without compromising on taste. And after what I tasted today, I’m sure that at Rabbit Carrot Gun, vegetarians will finally be able to taste a proper Scotch Egg.

To make a Rabbit Carrot Gun Scotch Egg, the egg first has to be cooked perfectly, then wrapped with the Impossible™ meat, before being coated in Panko crumbs. The egg is then put in the fryer just long enough for it to come out golden brown. The result is nothing less than beautiful, with the Panko breadcrumbs it was slathered in providing a proper crunch, deep fried to absolute perfection. Meanwhile, the Impossible™ meat was done so well, I didn’t for a second miss the ‘real’ meat that usually goes into one. And of course, above all was the pièce de résistance – the egg. As Singaporeans, we are all suckers for lava-like egg yolk flowing out, and this egg certainly didn’t disappoint, with its slight but flavourful seasoning, and was essentially a work of art.

We would absolutely recommend a good lager to go along with it, and to perhaps order the cheese and parma ham platter as well. If you’re vegetarian, you might want to go for their Rabbit Greens, their renowned salad dressed with their house made hummus. 

The Rabbit Carrot Gun obsession with Scotch Eggs goes even further – in September 2019, you can expect them to host a special Scotch Egg challenge, where participants attempt to create their own unique Scotch Eggs. Participants hail from the likes of the critically-acclaimed Tippling Club, while last year’s winner, Paul Longworth of Rhubarb Le Restaurant, won with his unique Pork & Crab Scotch Egg with Black Pepper or Chili Crab Sauce.

Rabbit Carrot Gun owner and Scotch Egg aficionado, Tricia Goh, says that the inspiration for the Impossible Scotch Egg came about in the spirit of invention. “We’ve already got our award-winning Scotch Egg on the menu, and every year we invite Singapore’s top chefs to come and battle in our Scotch Egg Challenge”, says Goh. “It’s all about pushing what’s possible with new takes on classic dishes.  With the rise and rise of Impossible Foods, we couldn’t pass up the chance to experiment with one of our best-known bites.”

The Impossible™ Scotch Egg is available at $12 exclusively via Deliveroo. You can also Visit Rabbit Carrot Gun at 49 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428768. For more information, visit their website here, their Instagram or their Facebook



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