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Museum Musings: ArtScience Museum Celebrates Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary with Moongazers


In conjunction with their ongoing Floating Utopias exhibition, the ArtScience Musuem is set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon with a special event titled Moongazers. Taking place from 18th to 20th July, Moongazers explores the reverberations of Apollo 11’s achievement today and looks into our complex fascination with the Moon through a variety of performances, films, talks and workshops.

Museum of the Moon (2019) Luke Jerram Commissioned by ArtScience Museum Photo credit: Marina Bay Sands

At the centre of Moongazers is Luke Jerram’s breathtaking Museum of Moon installation, where various programmes will be held during the event. These include Kamini Ramachandran’s In Love with the Moon, where the master storyteller will charm audiences with her favourite moon myths that have mesmerised countless listeners through time.

Kamini Ramachandran

Meanwhile -wright Assembly will present Al-Qamar. Meaning ‘the moon’ in Arabic, the performance features poetry-and-sound inspired by Islamic astronomy. For even more moon music, nada & Kiat and poet Deborah Emmanuel present Beyond the Silver Glow, with a sonic- and movement-based performance crafted in response to Jerram’s installation, which encourages participants to observe and ponder the various cultural, scientific and religious relationships with the Moon.

Over at the Expression Gallery on Level 4, several film screenings will also be happening during the event, with Damien Chazelle’s recent blockbuster First Man (2018) and David Fairhead’s Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo (2017), celebrating both Neil Armstrong and the special team of flight controllers in Mission Control who quietly navigated, calculated and innovated to change the course of history.

Enjoy talks by experts from the space industries and leading STEM figures at the head of Singapore’s space technology industry, as new technologies which are shaping the future of space, the importance of women in STEM, and what lies ahead for Singapore are discussed. Featured speakers include Simon Gwozdz (CEO and founder of Equatorial Space Industries), Mark Lim Jian Wei (CEO and co-founder of Aliena), Priyadarshini Majumdar (Space Strategist and Engineer at Astropreneurs HUB), Lynette Tan (Director and founding member of Singapore Space & Technology Association) and more.

Finally, on 20th July, guests can also attend a drop-in workshop to learn how to make one’s own Astrolabe to gauge the stars, or even your own mini Apollo 11 rubber rocket to shoot for the Moon, as guided by’s passionate youth astronomers.

For anyone who has even an inkling of interest in the Apollo landing of 1969, it’d be sheer lunacy to miss any of the exciting programmes lined up for Moongazers, as art and science come together and celebrate  the anniversary of this giant leap for mankind.

Moongazers runs at the ArtScience Museum from 18th to 20th July 2019. For more information and full programme lineup, visit their website here

Floating Utopias runs at the ArtScience Museum from 25th May to 29th September 2019. Tickets and more information available here


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