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Buffet Season: Local hawker delights at PARKROYAL on Pickering’s Lime Restaurant for National Day


PARKROYAL on Pickering has always been one of the classier hotels in the area, and naturally, delivers some of the best experiences not just when it comes to a great stay, but also in its food offerings.

This August, over at the iconic Lime Restaurant, they’re presenting a limited time buffet menu comprising some of Singapore’s favourite local delights in a ‘Loco Local’, hawker-themed buffet spread celebrating the very best of our cuisine.

At Loco Local, you’ll find familiar favourites such as  char kway teow, roti jala and hokkien mee. The twist? Each of them have been scaled up, using the most premium of ingredients to create truly irresistible versions of these dishes.

The Char Kway Teow, for example, comes with Alaskan King Crab Meat, complementing the sweetness of the meat with the fiery ‘char’ of the kway teow, freshly wok-fried.

The roti jala comes with pieces of lobster wrapped inside it for a surprise in every bite, while the hokkien mee is served with a delectable baby lobster atop each plate, upping the quality from the usual ingredients of just prawns and squid to something altogether more exquisite (it helps that the hokkien mee is aromatic and moist, but not too wet).

Other highlights of the buffet include a selection of steamed oysters, to be enjoyed with Thai Chili, Mala or Sambal Belachan, along with plenty of local dishes done well.

These include the Hainanese chicken rice with a hearty serving of white chicken, peppery bak kut teh soup with lots of pork ribs, chicken satay with peanut sauce, and delicious nasi lemak.

Of course, a Singaporean buffet spread wouldn’t be complete without the most famous Singaporean dish of all – the Singapore Chili Crab in a pot filled with claws and carapace, along with plenty of deep-fried mantous to soak up all the delicious sauce left over. Sashimi and sushi is also available, for the more traditional diners amongst you.

To end off the meal, what better way than with a selection of local sweets at the dessert station, where you’ll enjoy old school delights from ice kacang to tau sar piah, orh nee and many varieties of nonya kueh. For drinks, be sure to take advantage of the tank of coconut water to cool off after all that heaty food.

As for the carrot cake, we spoke to chef Daisy, who has already been with Parkroyal for 3 years. Stating that she loves what she does, Daisy shared her experience of cooking for her own kids, saying: “If you don’t cook with the heart and passion, what’s the point?” Daisy evidently loves what she does, and just looking at the smile she wears on her face with her full heart clearly on her sleeves, is testament to the hard work and diligence of manager of Lime Mei Chian.

This great sense of service transcends even the kitchen staff to reach the service staff as well, with Zul, who was attending to us, all smiles as he cleared our plates after we are done and refilled our water often, diligent in his job and impressing us with his attention to guests.

What one also ends up appreciating about Loco Local  is the sheer number of unique, distinct tastes that are present across the selection of dishes, each flavour hitting you full on in the taste buds with every bite that’s so different in every food item.

One comes to realise, with this buffet, just how incredible Singapore’ multicultural range of cuisine is, and to be able to appreciate all of it, well-made and free-flowing in a single buffet, simply remarkable.

Don’t miss out on this chance to have the very best local cuisine, made by a skilled team of chefs at Lime, and go mad with glee at PARKROYAL on Pickering’s ‘Loco Local’ buffet this August.

‘Loco Local’ at Lime is available from 5th August to 1st September 2019, between 6:30pm and 10:30pm. For dining reservations and enquiries, contact +65 6809 8899 or email For more information, visit their Facebook here

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