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Laughter Is: Kenny Sebastian’s The Most Interesting Person In The Room

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It’s a pretty bold statement to claim to be the most interesting person in the room – especially when you’re in an auditorium full of people. But when all eyes are on you and every audience member is hanging off each word that comes out of your mouth, who can deny you that title?

And so it is that Indian comedian Kenny Sebastian will be precisely that person as he returns to Singapore this November, bringing his all-new comedy special The Most Interesting Person In The Room for one night only to the Shine Auditorium. Presented by LA Comedy Live, Sebastian is best known for his unique blend of humor and music to entertain audiences as he shares how his outlook on life has changed ever since he turned 28. Look out for his musings about animals, birds, and why the world being lazy around him is getting on his nerves.

Based in Bangalore, Sebastian was raised across different cities in India during his childhood, honing his keen observational skills and cleverly incorporating these observations in to his comedy. Finding his calling in humour with his YouTube channel in 2008, Sebastian’s hilarious online sketches have led to his career soaring, doing his first stage show at the age of 19 and winning the stand-up comedy competition at the IIT fest in Mumbai. Since then, his meteoric rise has given him opportunities to write and perform in shows such as ‘The Living Room: India’s first English improv sketch show’, Amazon video’s new sitcom ‘Die Trying’, and live shows around the world.

With two sold-out shows the last time he came to Singapore two years ago, expect just as much charm and laughter as he returns for his sixth special, with a night of jokes, music, and a lot of unnecessary act outs with The Most Interesting Person In The Room; tighter, darker, and weirder than ever before.

Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person In The Room plays on 22nd November 2019 at the Shine Auditorium. Tickets available from SISTIC

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