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Exhibition Extravaganza: Pinaree Sanpitak’s Bodily Space – Confessed and Concealed at Yavuz Gallery


This October. Yavuz Gallery presents internationally-acclaimed Thai artist Pinaree Sanpitak in her solo exhibition, Bodily Space: Confessed and Concealed. Over the period of three decades, Sanpitak’s practice has expanded from painting and collage to other media, spanning across sculpture, installation, print and participatory projects.

Undergirding this diverse practice is her consistent engagement with the human body as a key thematic subject and iconography. Distilled into primal and minimal forms, the body is always present corporeally, viscerally occupying space. In some works,
it is represented as a corpus — two curving lines alluding to a torso without beginning or end. Mostly, the body is fragmented into exposed and disjoined parts, with the female breast as a recurring motif. The sensuality of her works, the term speaking both to the erotic and the sensorial, is derived from this delineation of the body as unconcealed and uncontainable.

In Bodily Space: Confessed and Concealed, the artist returns to her original medium of painting and collage, continuing her experimentation with painting using organic materials and collaging with fabrics. The expressive force of the works is found in their complex interplay of form, line, colour, and texture. Incorporating material elements from her previous works, alongside paper and textiles that the artist has collected, these
paintings function as mementos and repositories of memory. Together, they reflect Sanpitak’s present state of mind, revealing a wider, more tender and more profound treatment of the body as subject and form.

 Bodily Space: Confessed and Concealed runs from 12th October to 17th November at the Yavuz Gallery at Gillman Barracks. Admission is free. For more information, visit their website here

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