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Preview: MILIEU 2019 by Frontier Danceland

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Frontier Danceland is back this November with a new edition of their annual MILIEU programme. Everybody loves a good story. Stories can be told in a myriad of ways: with the strokes of a brush, the rhythm of music, the movement of bodies. With MILIEU 2019, Frontier Danceland brings together two exciting choreographers – Marioenrico D’Angelo (Italy) and Sita Ostheimer (Germany), to share their new stories in a mesmerizing double-bill.

Following a successful first collaboration with Frontier Danceland in Mångata, which premiered at SIDES 2016, Sita Ostheimer returns to further her research into improvisation and rhythm. Her new work, titled Exploring Us, will explore the possibilities of using rhythm as a tool to create a language and means of communication within a group, including the rhythm of space and ways of taking and giving space. Creating stories through movement and rhythm, the artists will also explore how far and in what ways these can be changed, manipulated and re-invented, while finding ways to tell their own personal stories within the group dynamic.

Completing the double-bill will be INK by Italian dancer and choreographer Marioenrico D’Angelo in his debut collaboration with Frontier Danceland. Artists use ink to capture the essence of a subject, to shape intricate patterns, poetic sounds and fantastic stories. Sometimes these traces are preserved for centuries, sometimes they are irrevocably lost. Inspired by this medium, Marioenrico will challenge the artists to create movements that are simple yet deep, powerful yet subtle, easy-to-read yet possibly deceptive. The truth is often made up of overlapping layers, and it takes a skilled interpreter to discern how these come together without contradiction.

Come witness what Frontier Danceland has in store for you this November as stories are told through body and movement with MILIEU 2019. 

MILIEU 2019 plays on 15th & 16th November 2019 at the SOTA Studio Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC 

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