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Preview: The Hawker by The Second Breakfast Company


With a sold-out, abbreviated presentation at the 2018 Asian Youth Theatre Festival, local theatre company The Second Breakfast Company (2BCo) returns this year with their fifth main season production – original work The Hawker!

With the nation fast progressing and many old buildings put up for en-bloc or demolished to make way for bigger and better facilities, all amidst the National Heritage Board’s call to preserve hawker culture in their UNESCO bid, The Hawker reflects upon the loss of heritage and culture in our society.

Written by Aslam Shah, The Hawker will mark the company’s first venture into immersive performance, as audience members enter into a ‘hawker centre’ where they’ll sit amongst various characters, ‘eavesdropping’ on their conversations and the stories they have to tell as they indulge their inner ‘kaypoh’.

With this production, 2BCo will also be featuring collaborative efforts with young theatre practitioners Tan Hui Er and Lynn Chia, who will be taking on the roles of director and assistant director respectively. Both Hui Er and Lynn are familiar with the script and have been in close consultation with the playwright to discover new ways of developing the work since last year.

The Hawker will also feature design from ST Life! Theatre Awards nominees, namely Woo E-Hui for lighting design and Vick Low for sound design, while four-person team Shawne Yzleman, Eve Irdina, Irfan Hadi and Samuel Chia will be creating the immersive hawker centre set. The cast comprises young practitioners Dennis Sofian, Fadhil Daud, Hu Yuheng, Ivan Tan, Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Lynnie Cheong, Ong Yi Xuan, Rachel Yen, and Val Teh.

In Singapore, where there are continuous plans to redevelop land and infrastructure, watch as The Hawker questions humans’ relationship with space and to what extent a space defines one’s identity. This November, come listen to these stories for yourself, and reflect on just why it is that hawker culture is so important.

The Hawker plays from 13th to 17th November 2019 at Aliwal Arts Centre. Tickets available from Eventbrite

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