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London’s VAULT Festival 2020: VOiD by TUTTI TUTTI Productions (Preview)


LONDON –  TUTTI TUTTI Productions presents the world premiere of Sophia Capasso’s VOiD at the VAULT Festival 2020. Written and performed by Capasso and directed by Bruce Webb, VOiD follows Ali, a girl who has always felt there was a darkness within her, but one moment may just have sent her over the edge.

Exhausted and unable to detach reality from her own imagination, she spins a
tale that tests the limits of her identity and our own understanding. But does
she know more than she’s letting on? Seeing the world solely from her perspective we untangle a web that she herself seems scared to touch.

Best known for her role as as notorious bad girl Evie Steele in Eastenders, from the young voice of Sophia Capasso comes a gut punch that will leave audiences questioning the meaning of sanity. What do you do when you can no longer trust yourself and the system just isn’t set up to support you? Is the System broken or is she? Find out as VOiD explores the ambiguity of mental health and self identity at the VAULT Festival this January.

VOiD runs from 28th January to 2nd February 2020 at The Pit @ The Vaults on Leake Street. Tickets and more information available here

VAULT Festival 2020 runs from 28th January to 22nd March 2020. For full list of programmes, venues and tickets, visit their website here


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