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In London’s (Off) West End 2020: Scrounger at the Finborough Theatre (Preview)


LONDON – Marking the opening of the Finborough Theatre’s 40th anniversary season, Olivier award-nominated writer and performer Athena Stevens will perform in the premiere of her latest show, Scrounger.

On the streets of Elephant and Castle, everyone likes to make speculations about Scrounger. She needs help, she’s naïve, she is sent from the demons to torture her mum… at least according to her Nigerian Uber driver. Scrounger doesn’t care; a successful online personality, she’s got more power from her bedroom than anyone on Southwark’s estates could dream of. She’s educated, she’s ballsy, and with a huge network of online allies, Scrounger is a woman who knows how to make change happen. That is, until an airline destroys her wheelchair.

Inspired by real events and a lawsuit initiated by Stevens, who herself has athetoid cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, Scrounger drives towards the realities of how Britain is failing its most vulnerable and the extreme cost paid by those seeking justice.

Says Athena Stevens: “Scrounger is as true a story as you could put onstage in ninety minutes about an event that took over a year out of my life and ended with signing an NDA regarding settlement. All of the true events are in the public domain. I sat down to write Scrounger as a one person show, but it became clear very quickly that a solo show was not the form this play needed to take. I could write a play about almost every day of my life because, when you live in the body that I do, avoiding conflict is not an option. The problem comes in when the people you love, expect you to avoid conflict simply because they themselves have always had the privilege of doing so.”

Scrounge runs from 7th January – 1st February 2020 at the Finborough Theatre. Tickets available here


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