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Music Is: Yeo Releases Debut Album ‘Recovery Channel’


Melbourne-based Malaysian-Australian musician and producer Yeo drops his awaited R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel, taking his unique genre-bending sound and wry lyricism to a more personal space.

Recovery Channel is a musical recollection of Yeo’s experience as a person of colour struggling to find confidence, a place to belong, and proof of his own humanity. The album explores themes of love, conflict and the rarity of hope.

Written during a period of recovery both physical and mental; Yeo intertwines soundbites of reality with raw lyrics and nostalgic melodies that reaches deep into the murky depths of his personal progress, resulting in these eight soulful tunes.

The album’s leading single ‘Six Years’ is a sultry ballad about a mutual unearthing of long-buried feelings which washes over the listener. The track will be accompanied by a visual video from Yeo’s recent tour in Ecuador.

The record features collaborations with Singaporean crooner Charlie Lim on R&B duet ‘By Myself’; and Melbourne power vocalist JANEVA on dextrous belter ‘Always With Me’, as well as a cameo from Yeo’s friendly neighbourhood dog, as heard on ‘Bear’, who played a pivotal role in rehabilitating his injured back with daily walks.

The slow-jam ‘The Comments’ (560K Spotify streams) and hopeful bop ‘Restless’ are reprised once again on this LP, drilling down on Yeo’s identity as a person of colour in Australia and explores personal anecdotes and instances of racial prejudice.

‘For Me’ mashes post-rock guitars and electronic bass distortion to create a dark minimalist aural cluster bomb that zeroes in on the topic of hopelessness. While album closer ‘Don’t Let Me Blind You’ is a regretfully dreamy ballad drifting from the car tape-deck of a David Lynch film, complete with saxophone solo to end the album on a bittersweet note.

Recovery Channel has already received celebrated reception; with tracks performed live with a choir at Yeo’s Album Preview Party at Melba Spiegeltent (Melbourne) and at OCBC Music For A Cause (Singapore) on stage with Charlie Lim. In recent years, the seasoned musician as explored Southeast Asian scenes, working in the studio with the likes of Charlie Lim and various Asian acts, whilst performing live throughout Australia and Ecuador and festivals in Singapore and Iceland.

Listen to Recovery Channel on Spotify here

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