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Touring The UK 2020: Katie Arnstein’s Sexy Lamp (Preview)


LONDON –  Multi-award-winning writer and performer Katie Arnstein (Bicycles and Fish, Sticky Door, Bex and Rex) now brings the highly acclaimed Sexy Lamp out on a UK Tour. Told from the perspective of a young actor with bold aspirations, this hilarious and honest show, directed by Ellen Havard (Ad Libido, Edinburgh Fringe 2018) tells the story of power, opportunity and prejudice in the acting industry.

Katie has dreamed of being an actor since she was seven years old. In 2012 she arrives in
London, a city full of magic and optimism, and is greeted by the brutal reality of an industry where named, speaking and fully clothed roles are hard to come by. Now, Katie is an actor who refuses to stay in the dark any longer.

Winner of Show of the Week at VAULT Festival 2019 where it also won Pleasance Pick of the VAULT Festival 2019, Sexy Lamp is a semi-autobiographical look at sexism in the acting industry and its impact on the wider world, told with original songs and heartfelt and comedic moments. A call to arms that demands women are seen and heard in all walks of life, this production discusses the reality women face when trying to keep both our dreams and our sanity alive.

This production is inspired by Kelly-Sue DeConnick’s ‘Sexy Lamp’ test which takes issue with scenes where a female character can be replaced with a sexy lamp without affecting the plot. While this blatant reduction of female actors’ roles still endures and while female creatives continue to fight for recognition, Sexy Lamp is a current and necessary addition to the plethora of female voices who are calling ‘time’s up’ in the ever-present #MeToo era.

Katie comments: “Sexy Lamp is a semi-autobiographical look at sexism in the acting industry through the eyes of an optimistic 21-year-old. I moved to London with hopes and a plan; to get an agent, to get an acting job, to get a part time job and to get on the Metro’s Good Deed Feed. What stood in my way was sexism, discrimination and it is legit hard to get on the Good Deed Feed. Sexy Lamp is a comedy about finding my voice and what I want to do with it; a leopard print-clad feminism for all.”

Sexy Lamp opens at Boilington Arts Centre on 20th March 2020 and ends at the Lichfield Festival on 11th July 2020 For more details and tour dates, visit the website here



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