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In London’s (Off) West End 2020: United Queendom by Les Enfants Terribles (Preview)

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LONDON – A brand-new immersive theatre experience from internationally renowned theatre company Les Enfants Terribles (Alice’s Adventures Underground) and independent charity Historic Royal Palaces, United Queendom opens on 28th February 2020 for a strictly limited five week run, combining Les Enfants Terribles’ trademark storytelling with a remarkable true story in the historic setting of a royal palace.

In United Queendom, experience the incredible true story of two powerful women often overlooked and forgotten by history; the smart and intelligent Queen Caroline and the enigmatic and passionate Lady Henrietta Howard, told within the palace’s magnificent State Apartments, once home to both women.

Step into the court of King George II. He’s decided to celebrate his birthday, but little does he know that his mistress, Lady Henrietta Howard, is about to drop a bombshell. And she’s seeking an audience with his wife Queen Caroline first! Meet Henrietta, the girl born in Norfolk, who married a drunkard, lost everything and then ascended to everything.

Or instead, you might meet Queen Caroline, one of the first people to inoculate her own children, who introduced Sir Isaac Newton to court and established women only educational forums, is changing the face of court, re-defining what a woman can and should be, and ruling her husband with just the right amount of good advice and steely leadership. But can this queen rise above the constraints faced by women in the 18th Century?

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Delving into the world of political intrigue, court games, high drama, scandalous gossip, and smiling through gritted teeth, this immersive theatre show presents you with a choice of two separate journeys highlighting the stories of these brilliant women who might have otherwise been lost in the shadow of their king.

United Queendom is written by Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Anthony Spargo, directed by Christa Harris, and and stars Stephan Boyce, Lavinia Co-op, James Hastings, Miranda Heath, Richard Holt, Yasmin Keita, Deven Modha. Christina Ngoyi, Lucy Reynolds, Nadia Sohawon and Deborah Tracey. Think you know your history? Think again, as you experience a never-before-seen side of Kensington Palace and lose yourself in a world of outrageous parties, scandals and gossip.

United Queendom plays from 28th February to 30th March 2020 at Kensington Palace, W8 4PX (Meet at Queensway Station). Tickets and more information available here


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