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Open Call: Rumah X Cognatus present Monologues From My Bedroom


With entertainment venues closed and most people staying home these days in both Singapore and the UK, how does one stay sane and still expose yourself to the arts? For producers Rumah and Cognatus, they’re turning to the Internet. Enter Monologues From My Bedroom, an online theatre experience set to showcase a series of new monologues from all around the world.

In line with each company’s ethos, the show aims to showcase diverse stories and minority voices not just in the UK, but from every corner of the world. With arts spaces having gone dark, both companies want to remind the public of the essence of what makes theatre: a performer, an audience, and a space, and not necessarily a physical one.

Monologues From My Bedroom then aims to keep actors and audiences connected and engaged during this time of uncertainty and bring new light to how, despite having
limited physical resources, we can find new ways of accessing the unlimited source of creativity, imagination, and heart within all of us.

As of now, the companies are holding an open call for submissions, from now till 12th April 2020. Chosen participants will be notified by 15th April, and their work will go LIVE
on Monday 20th April 2020 via YouTube and Facebook. Pieces must be performed by the participants and recorded in their bedroom, lasting between 5 -10 minutes. Priority will go to monologues written by participants from a diverse and minority background, but all submissions are welcome. A small remuneration will be provided to successful participants, based on the total amount garnered from a ‘pay what you can’ donation link that will be divided equally amongst the participants and producers Rumah and Cognatus on a profit share basis.

The open call for Monologues From My Bedroom will run from 30th March to 12th April 2020. To apply, send a video of the monologue (.mp4 or .mov) and the monologue text (Microsoft Word Document or PDF) to via WeTransfer. Include your Name, Country, and the Title of your monologue in the email. Do ensure that you are not infringing on any copyright laws and have received permission to perform your monologue. 

Monologues From My Bedroom streams on 20th April 2020, 8pm in the UK/21st April 2020, 4am in Singapore on YouTube and Facebook. More details on their websites at Rumah and Cognatus


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