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Art What!: Life in a Cloud – Prominent artists create in response to living through a pandemic

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Curated by Natalie Hennedige (Festival Director Designate, Singapore International Festival of Arts), Life in a Cloud is a digital playbook of creations from seven prominent artists, each established within their respective fields. These artists have created intimate 5-7 minute video chapters offering viewers insight into their artistic geneses and creations born out of this time of pandemic. With the world in isolation, how can we better connect with each other through the language of art?

Life in a Cloud is commissioned by the National Arts Council with the support of Arts House Limited, and is part of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign bringing together the best of Singapore’s arts and culture digital offerings, to be enjoyed and experienced anytime and anywhere. This digital playbook comprises a series of intimate artistic creations. These artists are Santha Bhaskar (Dance), Randy Chan (Architecture), Iskandar Jalil (Visual Arts), NADA (Music), Kirsten Tan (Film), Kaylene Tan & Paul Rae (Performing Arts), and Sharlene Teo (Literary Arts).

Says Natalie Hennedige: “Life in a Cloud draws its title from Cloud as a metaphor for the Internet during a time where there is little choice but to transcend physical barriers with virtual modes of connectivity. It also relates to the gradual lifting of a Cloud of uncertainty as, in due time, we step into a new dawn soberer perhaps with the knowledge of what we have gone through. As viewers encounter the chapters, they encounter the richness and diversity of voices that exist within and from Singapore’s artistic landscape, gaining insight into some incredible artistic minds from our very shores. Life in a Cloud serves as a historical archive encapsulating artistic articulation from Singapore in a momentous and unprecedented time.”

Low Eng Teong, Deputy Chief Executive (Sector Development), National Arts Council adds: ”Through this series, we hope to showcase the diverse artistry in Singapore. The artists selected are all renowned in their own fields and come from vastly different backgrounds – attesting to the rich melting pot that makes up Singapore’s multi-cultural heritage. Life in a Cloud chronicles creative expression in a time when the world is at a standstill, showcasing the true versatility of art in any circumstance.”

Life in a Cloud launches on 9th August 2020 and is presented as a series, with each new chapter released every Sunday at 3pm. For more information, visit their website here, and SIFA’s website here


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