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By The Book: Former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger launches autobiography ‘My Life in Red and White’

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Arts has the power to transcend interests, and this October, sports and arts coincide with the launch of legendary football manager Arsène Wenger’s autobiography. Presented by The Arts House (TAH) and UK production company Fane, football fans can look forward to a live stream and get up close and personal with the longest-serving (and most successful) Arsenal manager.

Arsène Wenger was born in Alsace in 1949 and was a successful manager in France and Japan before unexpectedly being appointed manager of Arsenal in 1996, where he enjoyed unmatched success. He resigned in 2018 and is now Chief of Global Development for FIFA. His autobiography My Life In Red and White elaborates more on his football journey and approach to motivation, mindset, fitness and football.

During the session, Arsène will open up about his life and career, sharing vivid tales of his 22 years managing Arsenal to achieve unprecedented success, including guiding the club to an unbeaten season for 2003/2004, winning multiple Premier League championships and a record number of FA Cups through this live stream event. He will be sharing his strategy and vision for propelling football to the global stage by leveraging on health science technologies, his work experiences in France and Japan and thoughts on being the current Chief of Global Football Development for FIFA.

“During these unprecedented times, we are pleased to be collaborating with production company Fane to present a live stream online event with Arsène Wenger for our Singapore audience. As a literary centre, we also naturally celebrate books and ideas, and Wenger has been one of the most thoughtful and influential managers of recent decades. With the much anticipated launch of his memoir, it will be fascinating to hear his reflections on leadership as well as the uniquely exciting style of play he fostered at Arsenal,” says Rupert Thomson, Head of Artistic Programmes (AHL Venues).

A Live Stream with Arsène Wenger streams on 13th October 2020 at 1.30am (with the stream available to view up to 48 hours after the event has ended). For an additional $16, ticket holders can also receive his book My Life in Red and White. Tickets available from SISTIC

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