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Arts of the UK 2020: Captain Fantastic’s Virtual Trick or Treat

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LONDON – Halloween this year will be very different from normal; those who love trick or treating may be wondering what to do instead. But, fear not, to ensure no family misses out on the ultimate Halloween fun, Captain Fantastic are creating a Covid-safe online trick or treating experience. The UK’s Number 1 children’s entertainers have joined forces with experienced theatre producers Edward Andrews and Eleanor Russo of Bedouin Shakespeare Company to create this immersive Virtual Trick or Treat this Halloween for children up and down the country.

Audiences will join this spooktacular adventure from the comfort of their own home! Captain Fantastic has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Zob and it’s the audience’s job to go door to door meeting the various residents of Spooksville and gather clues, complete challenges (and collect plenty of sweets along the way!) in order to find him!

Held over Zoom, 5 fabulous actor entertainers will guide families through each virtual door, getting the little ones to complete fun tasks and find silly clues in order to help them find where Captain Fantastic has been hidden. Make sure you have a stash of sweets ready! Notwithstanding Covid, Captain Fantastic are ensuring this fabulous tradition can be continued at the spookiest time of year.

Tommy Balaam, actor and Captain Fantastic owner, comments: “In this crazy time we don’t want children missing out on the joy of trick or treating, so we have made it super fun and of course 100% Covid-safe, so this fabulous tradition can be continued at our spookiest time of year. Since lockdown started Captain Fantastic have done over 2000 online parties, hosting birthdays and events for children all over the world. This is their first immersive experience.”

Captain Fantastic’s Virtual Trick or Treat  runs from 10am – 8pm on Saturday 31st October 2020. Tickets available here, or email for a private show for a large group (up to 15 screens)

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