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Arts of Hong Kong 2020: The Finale of Mr. AD by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (Preview)

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HONG KONG – HKRep Artistic Director Anthony Chan’s newest creation, The Finale of Mr. AD, traces the story of a determined artistic director putting everything on the line to highlight the paradox of art and commerce. Is this black comedy a pie in the sky or a self-revelatory confession? Written and directed by Anthony Chan, featuring Ko Hon Man, Ng Ka Leung, Lai Ying Ying, Liu Shuk Fun Gladys, Lui Si Lan, Karrie Tan, Trickle Choi, Chow Chi Fai, Chan Kiu, Chris Sun and Tweety Wong, The Finale of Mr. AD will run at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre from 5th through 19th December. Tickets are available now from URBTIX outlets.

The Finale of Mr. AD is about an Artistic Director in a mid-sized theatre company. Dapper Casanova Rocky Cheung, pressured by his boss, decides to adapt a popular Japanese detective manga for the stage. This commercially-minded move unsettles the entire company, even complicating his romantic liaisons, and the whole world turns topsy-turvy.

Playwright and director Anthony Chan chronicles the ups and downs in a playwright’s career not to humour himself but to reflect on life, sharing his ideas with the audience as the plot twists and turns. He states: “The Finale of Mr. AD is a stage work that incorporates suspense and mystery, farce, melodrama, mime, even a children’s play. I’ve put a lot of effort in injecting fun and energy with one express goal: that joy and laughter in the theatre can give us some respite in face of life’s complexities.”

The Finale of Mr. AD runs from 5th to 19th December 2020 at Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. Tickets available here


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