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Preview: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) by Singapore Repertory Theatre

For years now, The Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) has been presenting their Shakespeare in the Park series at Fort Canning Park, bringing plays from Romeo and Juliet to Julius Caesar to life for a huge public audience, all while enjoying the (humid) night atmosphere, perhaps sprawled out on a picnic mat.

Amidst the pandemic, SRT has had a great many firsts, from being the first company to produce original digital content during the first Circuit Breaker with The Coronalogues, to being the first to re-open with Tuesdays with Morrie. Even with the challenges and restrictions piled on, SRT continued to amaze as they opened two more shows in 2021, with The Sound Inside and Lungs. Even with only being allowed to operate with 110 seats in the 380-seat venue, the team forged ahead in a bid to support their staff and freelancers, and continue to remain a company that would keep the community engaged and inspired.

This October, Shakespeare In The Park was set to return. But with the pandemic and restrictions on outdoor performances on hold, SRT instead decided to shift venues, and brings the Bard home – to KC Arts Centre. And perhaps, after a year of mostly serious, powerful plays that tackled the meaning of life, mental health, and the environmental crisis, it was time to go down the comedic route – with the irreverent The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

With just three actors onstage, the hilarious performance is touted as London’s longest-running comedy, and sees them performing all 37 of the Bard’s plays in just 97 minutes. Prepare yourself for theatrical whiplash, as actors Erwin Shah Ismail, Tia Andrea Guttensohn, and Shane Mardjuki bring you on a madcap adventure through the history plays, the comedies, and the tragedies, promising to leave you breathless with laughter (behind masks of course!). Come enjoy some much-needed humour amidst the gloom, and go from ‘Shakespeare who?’ to his biggest fan, as SRT presents The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) runs from 30th October 2021 at KC Arts Centre. Tickets available here

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