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Preview: Seeing ______ Through the Eyes of Impermanence by T.H.E Dance Company

In their final year-end production of 2021, The Human Expression (T.H.E) Dance Company examines ideas of change by asking a critical question about these extraordinary times: how do we embrace impermanence with bravery and compassion?

Seeing ______Through The Eyes of Impermanence surfaces hidden stories and perspectives in our struggle with change, and brings together acclaimed choreographer Albert Tiong and up-and-coming choreographer Anthea Seah in this double-bill in December.

In Us, Tiong will take audiences on a journey through memory to ponder upon the chance encounters that indelibly shape who we become. Be it love, happiness, heartbreak or regret, like messengers across time, his work explores how these individuals leave their prints in the stories of our lives.

Emerging from her time as a full-time artist with T.H.E and an important contributor to T.H.E’s HollowBody methodology, Seah will present her debut showing with An Impression. Currently based in New York and working on this creation entirely from the comforts of her home, she draws from the dream-like paintings of Van Goh, Monet and Shelly Tsang to generate poetic scenes that evoke the idea of inevitability.

“In An Impression, I hope to create a mood of reflectiveness and space for the imaginations for both for the dancer and watcher to take flight,” says Seah. “I envision the performance as a painting flowing with time, revealing subtle nuance and relatable situations.”

Artistic Director of T.H.E Kuik Swee Boon reflects, “In these extraordinary times, impermanence seems to be a prevailing sense that many people have about life, work, society and the climate around us. I am looking forward to witnessing fresh perspectives that Albert and Anthea will be presenting in this production, especially in face of the “new normal” that we’re all grappling with.”

Seeing _____ Through The Eyes of Impermanence runs from 3rd to 5th December 2021 at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets available from Peatix

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