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Preview: Kemas by Teater KAMi

This February, Teater KAMi presents new play Kemas. Translating to ‘tidy’ or ‘neat’ in Malay, Kemas explores the myriad meanings of kemas through the stories of three women: Salma, Arah and Juminah. 

Written and directed by  Moli Mohter , as inspired  by  her  experience  and  interactions  with neighbours of her estate, Kemas takes place in a housing estate. Salma is the new neighbour, who lives with a husband that’s either absent or always arguing with her when present. Arah thinks her mother favours her brother and blames her for the way their lives are now. Finally, Juminah dwells on her past as her present is too lonely to bear—she holds on to the memories of her first love, the happiest days of her life. 

Starring Dalifah Shahril, Rusydina Afiqah, Mahyonis Mahfudz and Suhaila M Sanif, catch Kemas, and explore a tight-knit housing estate where the walls between the flats are too thin and everyone is always listening to one another. How do you keep what happened behind closed doors private? How do you pretend not to know when you have heard too much? How do you love your neighbours when you know every little dirty secret that they try to keep hidden? Find out, only in Kemas.

Kemas plays from 17th to 19th February 2023 at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets available here

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