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Tag: december

Review: 2042 by Patch and Punnet

Could millennials ever survive a war? That is the central question Patch and Punnet attempt to answer in their newest work, as they bring the 2017 theatre season to a […]

Preview: 2042 by Patch and Punnett

It’s better late than never as Singapore’s newest theatre company on the block makes their debut at the end of December at Goodman Arts Centre. Described as ‘by millennials, for […]

Review: Angkat by Teater Ekamatra

The word ‘angkat’, in Malay, literally means to ‘carry’. In the context of Teater Ekamatra’s final show of 2017 of the same name, ‘angkat’ specifically refers to the concept of adoptive […]

Review: Resolute by Xin Yi Dance Company

In the Xin Yi Dance Company’s latest performance, there’s an intensity to that keeps our eyes completely focused on the stage at all times. Described as a ‘dance drama’, Resolute follows a […]

Review: Neo Dance HK X Singapore

Contemporary dance, for us, is often a love-hate relationship. There are times where movements are so abstract, they frustrate with their opaque qualities, yet there are times dances are performed […]

Review: Sure on the Shining Night

When one thinks of Christmas, music and song undoubtedly come to mind, whether it’s Christmas carollers going door to door, sitting in church listening to the choir, or simply the […]