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Taylor Swift isn’t the only snake to make the headlines this year. After the stellar success of Monkey Goes West, W!ld Rice continues to mine the neverending vault of Chinese legends for inspiration for their 2017 Christmas pantomime: Mama White Snake!


Based off the classic Chinese folk tale of Madam White Snake, Mama White Snake follows the young Meng (Andrew Marko) as he grows up sheltered by his mother and aunt in their little alternative family. But curiosity gets the better of Meng, and eventually, he sets out on a journey of his own, finding new friends, a new love and possibly, some family secrets he’s been kept in the dark about. Can the family continue to stay together even as enemies old and new threaten to drive them apart?

Ivan & Glen during training (1)

Audiences are in for a real treat as Mama White Snake will feature not one but TWO divas playing the legendary snake sisters. Get ready as W!ld Rice artistic directors Ivan Heng and Glen Goei take on the roles of the Green Snake and White Snake respectively, and the first time they will be appearing onstage together in a W!ld Rice show. This will also mark the first time in 30 years Goei will be appearing onstage as an actor, with his last role having been a stellar performance in the title role of M. Butterfly opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins back in 1987.

Ivan & Glen during training (2)

Besides the two leads, Mama White Snake will also feature an incredible cast lineup, with Life! Theatre Award 2017 Best Actor Andrew Marko as Meng, Siti Khalijah as martial arts master Fahai, Zelda Tatiana Ng as Madam Ngiao, and one of our favourite breakout stars of the year, the girl with an unbelievable set of pipes Cheryl Tan as Meng’s love interest Mimi! As with previous pantomimes, Mama White Snake will also be featuring a cast of young ensemble members from W!ld Rice’s First Stage kids, singing, dancing and performing wushu stunts. Did we mention? The pantomime will also be featuring gorgeous Chinese opera inspired costumes from Tube Gallery, as well as breathtaking martial arts moves from Gordon Choy!

Ivan with First Stage kids (2)

Mama White Snake will be directed by Pam Oei, who also helmed this year’s hilarious Boeing Boeing. Armed with a hilarious script written by W!ld Rice resident playwright Alfian Sa’at (Monkey Goes West), catchy all new songs composed by Elaine Chan (literally every W!ld Rice pantomime) and eye popping choreography by Andy Benjamin Cai (La Cage Aux Folles), Mama White Snake looks set to be yet another huge hit from W!ld Rice for the whole family, and promises a performance full of heart and rife with W!ld Rice signature cheeky humour. Don’t miss your chance to catch what looks like one of the most promising new musicals of 2017 to round off the year, and book your tickets from SISTIC now!

Ivan with First Stage kids (1)

Mama White Snake plays at the Drama Centre Theatre from 24th November to 16th December. Tickets available from SISTIC

3 additional Sunday evening shows have been added on 26th November, 3rd and 10th December at 7.30pm.

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