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Top Notch Cabaret Crazy Horse Paris Gallops Into Singapore This Week


One of the finest Parisian cabaret acts rolls into town this week; if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, well…what are you waiting for?

Brought in by Base Entertainment Asia to Singapore on the first leg of their Asian tour, Crazy Horse Paris has an esteemed history of over 50 years of coming up with the slickest, sexiest choreography to grace the stage, with impeccably trained dancers sizzling it up with their cheeky, sultry moves – always teasing, never revealing, and brings cabaret to new heights of classy. More recently, the cabaret has featured some of the most well known cabaret names and prestigious artists to date, including Dita Von Teese, Carmen Electra, and Pamela Anderson.

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At the media call held on Wednesday, before the official opening in the evening, we were treated to three preview acts from the show. We started off with Crazy Horse’s most iconic number – a parade of beauty in God Save Our Bareskin, a play on Britain’s National Anthem where the girls dressed up as ‘Crazy Horse Guards’, complete with ‘bareskin’ hats and stepping in tune to a military rhythm. Conceptualized by then Crazy Horse owner Alain Bernardin during a trip to London, God Save Our Bareskin has been the opening number of every single Crazy Horse show since 1989, and considered one of the most difficult numbers for new Crazy Horse recruits to learn.

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Next up, we watched So You Think You Can Dance contestant Robert Muraine as he locked and popped his way across the stage in a segment entitled Mr Fantastic, and we held our breaths as we watched him expand the bounds of human elasticity with his moves. Finally, the performance ended with Upside Down, an exotic, hypnotic number set to Yael Naim’s cover of Toxic (Britney Spears), where long, lithe legs multiply and metamorphose into fascinating shapes against an inky black stage, creating erotic visions of desire.

Following the dazzling performances, we also got a chance to meet and find out a little more about some of the dancers. Taina De Bermudes hails from England, and remembers with jubilance performing the opening act in front of the real Queen’s Guards in London and even received a standing ovation. She cites “You Turn Me On” as one number to look out for during the show, a naughty, energetic number that lets all the dancers onstage express their different personalities. Meanwhile, American dancer Candy St Louis recalls getting her name from Crazy Horse artistic director Ali Mahdavi, who changed it to Candy after seeing her performance in Las Vegas, owing to her character’s ‘sweet’ personality. Both Taina and Candy are incredibly motivated individuals, and partially draw their strength from the strength and beauty of the women around them.


What’s more, audiences will have a chance to watch the entire show up close and personal with the specially designed Forever Lounge – an exclusive, premier selection of seats only for the most discerning of audience members. With only 48 pairs of tickets available each night, each couple seat is sold in pairs at just $450 per set, and ticketholders will be assured of front row seats with the perfect view of all the girls as play with inspired tricks of the light to obscure and show off their bodies and moves throughout the night.

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With plenty of legroom and maximum comfort, guests will also receive a complimentary bottle of Prosecco or Moscato to sip on throughout the night. What’s more, guests will also be privy to a special after show experience, where they’ll be given the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet members of the cast for a great photo opportunity to brag about and remember this amazing night with, a rare chance that no other audience member is going to get (yes, your Instagram followers are sure to be jealous)

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Don’t miss out on these extremely limited Forever Lounge seats to catch the Crazy Horse girls at their very best, in the absolute lap of luxury as you watch the magic of cabaret unfold before your very eyes. The short preview we were treated to today set our sense buzzing with excitement, and we’re sure that these well-choreographed well-timed and high energy numbers will convince you of why these girls are top notch and better than just about any burlesque out there. Promising an absolutely enchanting experience in a flurry of well placed lights and gorgeous, mind boggling costume changes, and you’ll be certain you’ve fallen into the sweetest of dreams upon watching this spectacle onstage at Forever Crazy this October.

Photo Credit: Base Entertainment Asia

Forever Crazy (R18) plays at the Grand Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from 11th – 22nd October. Tickets available from SISTIC  and Marina Bay Sands 


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