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Preview: Overtime by Myle Yan Tay and Nathaniel Mah


Yale-NUS students Myle Yan Tay and Nathaniel Mah will be presenting an all new musical this November.


Titled Overtime, the original musical follows best friends Finch, an employee in the Ministry of Competency and Alex, an aspiring playwright. Both of them dream of success, but while Finch keeps getting his promotions, Alex struggles, and a rift begins to form between the two friends.

Can the two maintain their friendship while they continue to take part in the professional rat race to balance passion, pragmatism, and friendship? Only one way to find out, if you come on down and watch Tay (whose play Lemmings will also be presented by The Second Breakfast Company in November) and Mah’s all new show at Yale-NUS.

Overtime plays at the Yale-NUS Black Box on 16th, 18th and 19th November. Tickets available from Peatix

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