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Review: My Love Is Blind by Musical Theatre Limited


Presented by Musical Theatre Limited, My Love Is Blind marks one of the first locally produced musicals featuring visually impaired actors onstage. Although simple in plot, My Love Is Blind goes all out to push the important message that just because one is blind, doesn’t mean they’re disabled, but in fact, just as capable as a sighted person.

Pic 7
Tan Guan Heng and Stella Kon, chairperson of Musical Theatre Limited

Based off the true story of Tan Guan Heng, My Love Is Blind follows the life of Guan (Benjamin Chow) as he finds himself blinded by a freak hockey accident. But armed with a positive attitude and support from those around him, Guan finds strength within himself as he pushes past the initial setback to lead a life just as colourful as a sighted person – successfully running a bookshop, finding love and even becoming the first blind president of the Singapore Association of the Blind, after a string of sighted presidents.

Pic 9

As protagonist Guan, the sighted Benjamin Chow represents a visually impaired person well, showing well-rehearsed physicality and movement that makes his performance believable. Chow led the cast well and impressed us with his good vocal control. But it is visually impaired actors Wan Wai Yee and Robert Tan who were the highlights of the night. The two actors share great onstage chemistry that created a charming and genuine performance, drawing smiles and cheers from the audience as they sang and danced their way across the stage.

Pic 8

One imagines it can’t have been easy for the visually impaired cast members to have gotten the blocking and choreography down. Although it appears simple, there must have been plenty of hard work that went into the rehearsals to have come up with a production like this, and it was heartening to see that just because they were visually impaired, both Wan Wai Yee and Robert Tan were determined to get their act perfect, never missing a step and precise in their movements. Watching them onstage made us realize how easily we took our own sight for granted, as they relied on using their walking sticks onstage to navigate and find their positions, something a sighted actor would be able to do simply by seeing the markings onstage. 

Pic 10

Overall, one appreciates the amount of effort that has gone into producing such a milestone show. A labour of love three years in the making, My Love Is Blind is a timely reminder to appreciate the simpler things in life, and that even in the event of a setback, with love and support from friends and family, no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Performance attended 24/11/17

My Love Is Blind plays from 23rd – 25th November at the SOTA Drama Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC

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