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Huayi 2018: Blood & Rose Ensemble by Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group (Preview)


East meets West in the Esplanade’s 2018 Huayi Festival as Taiwan collaborates with Singapore in an all new adaptation of Shakespeare’s history plays.


A co-commission by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and The National Theater & Concert Hall, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group reimagines the bard’s Henry VI and Richard III for a fresh, modern audience as they play out the War of the Roses in an all new light. Headed by Taiwanese director Wang Chia-Ming, history gets remixed and recut as nine illustrious Taiwanese actors and Singapore’s very own Oliver Chong take to the stage and play multiple roles from the plays while performing live music. Improv and scripted performance merge as we’re taken on a simultaneously violent yet beautiful trip through these bloody English histories.

Watch history itself take on new forms and interpretations as Blood & Rose Ensemble ultimately asks audiences: just how and who gets to write and re-write history, in a play more relevant than ever in our world full of fake news and post-truths.

Blood & Rose Ensemble plays at the Esplanade Theatre Studio as part of Huayi 2018 from 23rd – 25th February. Tickets available from the Esplanade

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