Kicking off the Esplanade’s 2018 Huayi Festival and marking The Theatre Practice’s very first production of the year is I came at last to the seas, an ambitious all new cross country project, and the first time Huayi has commissioned a local arts group to produce a new work at the Esplanade Theatre for Huayi!

I came at last to the seas follows six individuals as they journey across time and space, each on their own individual, deeply personal missions. Watch as a blind man journeys from his hometown, a student communicates with machines, a young boy meets The Little Prince in middle-age, a woman attempts to replace one of her body parts, a conductor returns home with his grandfather’s ashes, and a robotics engineer tries to build a robot which understands Chinese sentiment. 

I came at last to the seas is directed by Kuo Jian Hong and written by Chinese playwright Wu Xi, and features a myriad of artists from various backgrounds, countries and disciplines. Representing Singapore will be frequent TTP collaborators and vocal powerhouses Joanna Dong and Sugie Phua, while audiences can also expect Hong Kong actors Rosa Velasco, Fung Wai Hung and Jason Wang Wei, Taiwanese actor Ethan Wei and drummer Huang Yu-Ting, and Chinese Kun Opera actor Zhao Yu Tao. Expect each of their talents to be used to their greatest degrees, with sprawling, moveable set pieces and moving reflections on life itself. 

Epic in scale and ambitious beyond the stars, come watch this incredible exploration of identities of the Chinese diaspora as migrants cross paths and enter a single shared path of meditation, reflecting on displacement and the six roots of sensation in Buddhist philosophy. The Theatre Practice is sure to deliver on this unimaginably huge project, and we can’t wait to go on this unforgettable journey with them. 

I came at last to the seas plays at the Esplanade Theatre as part of Huayi 2018 from 23rd – 24th February. Tickets available from the Esplanade

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