In the second bird themed children’s theatre show in a row, SRT’s The Little Company returns this March with a restaging of The Nightingale! 

Last staged in 2014 to popular acclaim, this adaptation of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most well-loved fairy tales comes back to the KC Arts Centre for a limited time. Written by Olivier Award winning playwright Mike Kenny and directed by Kate Golledge, who has been at the helm of The Little Company’s past few productions, The Nightingale follows the story of an ordinary nightingale who becomes pet bird to the Emperor of China. But before she knows it, she’s already been replaced by a mechanical bird! With her wings of freedom clipped, can she find a way to get through to the Emperor once again?

Starring talents Kimberly Chan, Erwin Shah Ismail, Leslie Tay and Natalie Yeap, and featuring catchy tunes by local composer Ruth Ling, The Nightingale is set to be a joyous burst of song that will have children and other audience members learning what true friendship really means and how to better appreciate the natural world all around us.

The Nightingale plays at the KC Arts Centre from 7th March – 20th April. Tickets available from SISTIC

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