Henrik Ibsen is perhaps one of the greatest playwrights. But amongst his many celebrated plays, there still remain a couple that are so rarely staged, dwarfed by the success of his better known works such as A Doll’s House or An Enemy of the People.
In the first show of 2018 from the Intercultural Theatre Institute’s (ITI) latest graduating batch, the students will be presenting Ibsen’s final written work: When We Dead Awaken. Directed by Indian director Sankar Venkateswaran, artistic director of Theatre Roots & Wings and an ITI alumnus himself, When We Dead Awaken revolves around the polarising struggle between art and life. This production will also mark the first time an alumnus has returned to direct a graduating cohort, in the 12 years since Venkateswaran himself graduated. This is also his second time directing the play, having first directed it at the Delhi Ibsen Festival in 2012.
In the play, we follow sculptor Arnold Rubek and his wife Maia, trapped in an emotionally distant relationship. While on a resort vacation, Maia finds herself increasingly attracted to the energetic Ulfheim, while Arnold rekindles a relationship with his old muse Irene. In Venkateswaran’s version, the play will be reimagined as an epilogue on art, loss and final restitution. Expect to see the play take on composite art forms, from speech to dance and using body language as Venkateswaran deserts the very text, narration and action, leaving only a few choice lines and actors as they represent the sculptural qualities of the human body.
When We Dead Awaken stars ITI’s 2018 graduating cohort, consisting of Singaporean Caroline Chin, Indians Pooja Mohanraj and Lakshmana KP,  and Malaysian Hau Guei Sze (Zizi), who was nominated for Best Actress Award at Malaysia’s 15th ADA Drama Awards. Also joining the cast will be ITI alumnus Yazid Jalil as an invited performer. A rip-roaring start for ITI’s latest graduating batch, expect to be taken on an introspective journey through the most irretrievable layers of life hidden within Ibsen’s text.
Want to catch the latest graduating batch of ITI’s very first show of the season? We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to any date! All you have to do is:
1. Tell us ‘How many married couples are in the play When We Dead Awaken?’ here
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Winners will be informed via Facebook.
When We Dead Awaken plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 15th – 17th March. Tickets available from Peatix

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