When The Second Breakfast Company (2BCo) made their debut in 2016, they leapt onto the scene with a contemporary twist to Leow Puay Tin’s Family to sold out runs. Now, with their third production this May, they’re returning to revive yet another Singaporean classic: Cultural Medallion recipient Goh Poh Seng’s The Moon Is Less Bright. 

First staged in 1964, The Moon Is Less Bright is set during the height of the Japanese invasion in World War II, as we become privy to a single household in rural Singapore. When a second family comes knocking at their door seeking shelter, class differences will clash and the small living space becomes increasingly claustrophobic. How will these two families see past their preconceived notions and find a way to survive together?


Despite the play’s age, 2BCo has found a surprising number of relevant themes present in the script, ranging from issues of class consciousness, inequality and the way we choose to judge others. While Ong Keng Sen’s version in 1990 spoke of the hope of Singapore’s move towards becoming a ‘classless’ society, 2BCo instead chooses to use the play to provide introspection surrounding a Singapore which has become more class based than ever, widening the distance for social integration.


Adapted by Dominic Nah and directed by 2BCo artistic director Adeeb Fazah, The Moon Is Less Bright stars an ensemble cast consisting of Benjamin Koh, Cheryl Tan, Fadhil Daud, Ivan Choong, Lynn Chia, Miriam Cheong, Qotn Van S.Y and Xie Shangbin. 55 years on from its inception, 2BCo will unearth hard truths and difficult topics from this classic play, and in their third professional production, promises to return stronger than ever before.

Photos courtesy of The Second Breakfast Company

The Moon Is Less Bright plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 31st May – 3rd June. Tickets available from SISTIC

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