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SIFA 2018: The Blues Project by Dorrance Dance (Preview)


Created by an all-star creative team consisting of tap dance extraordinaire Michelle Dorrance, acclaimed choreographer Derick K. Grant, genre-busting musician Toshi Reagon, and tap dance maestress Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, The Blues Project sees tap dancing break into the modern world set to emotive blues in an explosive fusion of American themes and styles.

A multi-genre, multi-medium style performance, The Blues Project unites original live music with raw emotion and dance to create a truly unique performance that explores the relationship between music, sound, and movement. Winning a Bessie Award in 2015 (The New York Dance and Performance Awards for exceptional achievement by independent dance artists), The Blues Project will feature improv by the dancers of Dorrance Dance and choreography by Dorrance, Grant and Sumbry-Edwards, and an original score by Reagon performed by her five-piece band BIGLovely, and brings together a transfixing marriage of the two art forms, taking them far beyond their genre and shattering all expectations.

The Blues Project plays at the Victoria Theatre from 8th – 9th May. Tickets available from SISTIC

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