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Preview: And Suddenly I Disappear – The Singapore ‘d’ Monologues

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The word ‘disabled’ has never meant anything more than ‘differently abled’ and this May, a number of award-winning artists from Singapore and the UK will prove just that  as they present the world premiere of a brand new, unique theatrical performance: And Suddenly I Disappear.

Described as ‘an international theatrical dialogue of difference, disability, and what it is to be human’, And Suddenly I Disappear is inspired by previous unrecorded stories of the deaf and disabled experience, and consists of fictionalised monologues using multiple languages in spoken, visual and projected forms. The project will be led by award-winning UK playwright and leading figure in disability arts and culture Kaite O’Reilly alongside acclaimed director Phillip Zarrilli, breaking new ground as the first multilingual, intercultural, deaf culture and disability arts theatre project created between the UK and Singapore, created and performed by a team of deaf and disabled artists.

And Suddenly I Disappear will feature a cast comprising lead collaborator and associate director Peter Sau (SG), veteran disability arts practitioner Sara Beer (UK), deaf UK-based Singaporean Visual Director Ramesh Meyyappan, creative access and applied theatre practitioner Grace Khoo (SG) and Singaporean emerging artists Danial Bawthan, Stephanie Esther Fam, Agnes Lim and Lim Lee Lee. Shining a spotlight on the unique experiences the deaf and disabled go through internationally, And Suddenly I Disappear promises a spellbinding show that will arrest you, both theatrically and emotionally.

Photo credit: Wesley Loh (Memphis West Pictures)

And Suddenly I Disappear will run from 25th – 27th May at the National Museum of Singapore Gallery Theatre. Tickets available here A UK tour will commence from 5th – 12th September 2018 with showings in London, Oxford, Leicester and Cardiff. Ticketing details and full schedule to be announced soon. 

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