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Preview: Komedi Raya – An Interview with Mo Sidik

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This Hari Raya, get ready as we welcome the first ever Malay standup comedy show in Singapore! Presented by DMR Productions, Indonesian comedian Mo Sidik and Kuala Lumpur based JD Raja Lawak will be in town this June to tickle your funny bone and bring laughter during this celebratory season.

The larger than life Mo Sidik is one of Indonesia’s foremost comedians, being the first Indonesian to head his own show on Comedy Central, and the first Indonesian comedian to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The no holds barred performer’s previous Fattitude tour dealt with the humour surrounding his body image and weight, and even hints that his next show, Funny, Insya Allah will be dealing with the touchy subject of religion. We talked to Mo about all this and more, read the interview in full below:

Bakchormeeboy: How and why did you make the transition from radio presenter to a comedian? 

Mo: My wife set me up. We had this Indonesian version of “Last Comic Standing” on Kompas TV. She brought home the already filled application and put me on the audition. So I have no other choice, to write some material that night, and auditioned the day after.

Bakchormeeboy: Was there any person or icon that inspired you to take the plunge and make the change?  

Mo: I love to watch Russell Peters, Gabriel Iglesias, and Harith Iskandar.. but none of them made me want to be an actual standup comedian. As I told you, my wife set me up.

Bakchormeeboy: You’re one of Indonesia’s most successful comedians, being the only Indonesian with a show on Comedy Central and the first Indonesian comedian to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. How do you think you can personally help the Indonesian comedy scene continue to grow? 

Mo: We have 2 kinds of standup scenes in Indonesia, one using Bahasa Indonesia, and one using English. The Comedy Central and the Fringe, help the English comedy scene, a lot.

Bakchormeeboy: Your previous tour Fattitude focused on the humour drawn from life as a fat person. Was there ever a time where you saw your weight as a burden rather than a source of comedy?   

Mo: When I got my health general checkup result.

Bakchormeeboy: You’ve hinted that you’ll be touching on religious themes in your next show “Funny, Insya Allah”. Do you ever fear that there is an invisible line that you might cross one day, considering how conservative some countries can be? How do you make sure you keep yourself ‘in check’ (and is there a need to?)

Mo: I submit my material to some of my ustad in Indonesia. And I’m also will try to perform this in the front of Ulama, if they give me the green light (and laugh) I’ll keep the material.

Bakchormeeboy: Why did you decide to take part in Komedi Raya, and what do you hope Singaporean audiences will take away from your show? 

Mo: I have never done Melayu comedy in Singapore, so this is will be my first time. I hope Singaporeans will walk away with a feeling that a fat human is a human too.

Komedi Raya plays at the Malay Heritage Centre Auditorium on 30th June and 1st July 2018. Tickets available from Peatix

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