Experimental Food Preview Singapore Theatre

Preview: Makan Cosmopolitan by Ape Studio Limited

32760112_339061256618239_238197194019045376_nWe love food, and we love theatre, so if there’s ever an opportunity to get a chance to experience both at once, we’re all for it! This July, that comes in the form of Ape Studio Limited’s Makan Cosmopolitan, the first play in a series of theatre and dining interdisciplinary performances.

Ebi Shankara and Gloria Tan

Directed by Kaykay Nizam and written by multi-disciplinary writer Zulfadli ‘Big’ Rashid, Makan Cosmopolitan united 3 culturally diverse actors: Ebi Shankara, Gloria Tan and Mish’aal Syed Nasar as they devise an original piece exploring themes of food culture, emotional attachment and involvement in Singapore set in a place any citizen would know and love – the hawker centre. In this play, the hawker centre becomes a site for new interactions as both locals and foreigners begin to frequent it as we become an increasingly global society, as the team showcases how food has the power to both bring people together and tear them apart. Meanwhile, expect to be fed well, with dishes inspired by the play and created and curated by collaborator Chef Roy, with local favourites such as Nasi Lemak on the menu.

Through its experimental form as it explores a new, food-driven narrative of the typical Singaporean going about their daily lives, Makan Cosmopolitan tells a familiar and heartfelt story of what it means to be Singaporean. Highlighting behaviours and habits that are unique yet quintessentially Singaporean, Ape Studio Limited invites audiences to enjoy a work of good theatre over a good meal, and walk away with a newfound appreciation for our uniquely Singaporean culture and heritage through the stories and food experienced each night.

Makan Cosmopolitan runs at ESCOBAR from 6 – 7 July and 13 – 14 July. Tickets available here

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