Following productions in March and June, the latest batch of students from the Intercultural Theatre Institute are fast approaching their graduation date. In September, each of the four students will be presenting brand new, original works conceived by them, as part of their Final Year Individual Project showcase.

Considered a critical and integral aspect of ITI’s actor training programme, the FYIP is a project students have thought about, prepared and planned for from the moment they start training at ITI, showcasing their own individual voice as a performer in their final devised work. Caroline Chin will be performing Waltz of the Flower, inspired by the Noh play The Damask Drum and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, drawing on themes of love, torment, deception and death. Pooja Mohanraj will be performing Straitjacket, where she imagines a dystopian future world ruled by techno-authoritarians surveilling the public’s thoughts and emotions.

The only male graduand of the batch, Lakshmana KP, will perform Fireflies, as he performs the suicide note of an Untouchable in English with some Kannada, taking umbrage with the ‘fatal accident’ of his birth and his predestined identity and status. Finally, Han Guei Sze (Zizi) will perform You Dogs 你們這些狗! , where she takes inspiration from a character from Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan, exploring the relationship between nature and a society engulfed in materialistic greed.

This September, watch as these graduates-to-be bare it all onstage and show the world what they’re capable of as they perform one of their last shows as students, in this highly personal and thought provoking series of original works.

ITI’s Final Year Individual Projects play from 6th – 9th September 2018 at Intercultural Theatre Institute. To RSVP, email 

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