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Preview: Singapore Trilogy by L’Arietta Productions


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After a preview held in July, L’arietta Productions is finally ready to premiere a brand new production this October! Titled Singapore Trilogy, this set of three chamber operas was created by National Arts Council Young Artist Award winner Dr. Chen Zhangyi, and celebrates the country in the best way possible – with our national obsessions – kopi, food and shopping.

Across all three chamber operas, we follow a woman as she reflects on her life as a daughter, wife, career woman, and the relationships she has between her father, fiancé and herself across milestone moments in her life. In Laksa Cantata, we fall headfirst into a wedding, where the groom wants to serve Laksa, but the bride doesn’t, leading to an argument over Singapore’s favourite dish. In Window Shopping, an older woman and a young bright eyed girl explores the personal relationship one has with themselves while in a shoe shop, wondering aloud if there truly is a perfect pair. Finally, in the newly commissioned Kopi for One, a familiar kopi aunty welcomes a woman who has returned home after a long time away, as she attempts to reconnect with an estranged father. Can a cup of kopi save their relationship?

Singapore Trilogy will features veteran singers Yee Ee-Ping, Akiko Otao, Jonathan Charles Tay and Felicia Teo, as well as a new generation of Singaporean singers, Ng Jingyun, Phoebe Chee, and Ng Samuel. Collaborating with visual artist Alvin Mark Tan, L’arietta promises a multi-sensory journey when you embark the Singapore Trilogy, and certainly, encourages audiences to come in with a cup of kopi, and watch these three poignant and familiar stories of life unfold with your loved ones.

Singapore Trilogy at the Blue Room and Living Room  at the Arts House from 12th – 14th October 2018. Tickets available from Peatix

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