As is now Christmas tradition, after last year’s Mama White Snake, W!ld Rice returns for their 16th edition annual pantomime with perhaps the most appropriate new musical ever: A $ingapore Carol.

Based off Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, perhaps the hallmark holiday story, A $ingapore Carol puts a keenly local twist and strong dose of humour on the original. Written by Jonathan Lim (Four Horse Road, Diva To The Death), A $ingapore Carol follows businessman S.K. Loo, whose All-In-One app has made him filthy rich. It’s all money on his mind, as kindness and heart are all tossed out into the cold. Christmas? #BAHHUMBUG!

But this year, spending Christmas Eve in his penthouse, there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, as he lies in bed dreaming of hostile takeovers and retrenching staff. Christmas spirits comes to life, and have come to scare the very Scrooge out of S.K. Loo! Will they succeed at showing him the true meaning of Christmas and thaw out his frozen heart?


A $ingapore Carol will star Sebastian Tan (Broadway Beng) as the miserly S.K. Loo, as he leads a stellar cast that includes Siti Khalijah Zainal, Audrey Luo, Candice de Rozario, Fauzie Laily and a troupe of W!ld Rice’s First Stage Kids. Directed by Hossan Leong in his first W!ld Rice pantomime in over ten years, with a magical, musical score by Elaine Chan that includes everything from traditional carols to modern K-pop tunes, join W!ld Rice as they end off the year with a heartwarming, fabulous show that will fill everyone with good cheer, and no doubt imbue them with the true spirit(s) of giving!

A $ingapore Carol plays at the Victoria Theatre from 23rd November to 15th December 2018. Tickets available from SISTIC

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