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In London’s (Off) West End 2019: Blue Elephant Theatre’s Spring 2019 Season


LONDON – Having recently won 5 of the 8 People’s Choice Awards from, Camberwell’s Blue Elephant Theatre strides confidently into their Spring 2019 season with a brand new lineup of up and coming artists from a range of disciplines in the months to come, from comedy to sound experimentation, to new writing and even free family storytelling events. See the list in full below:

Nothing to Fear
Ben Ecclestone
1st & 2nd March

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.
Nothing to Fear is a collaboration between technology and the human voice. Throughout, Benjamin explores our relentless relationship with the internet and why taking ownership of our data is now more important than ever.
Part gig, part lecture, with a blend of beatboxing and experimental vocals Benjamin gives us an important lesson on the repercussions of how much we share online. Both willing and unwilling.

The Balancing Act
Presented by Blue Elephant Theatre
5th March


Join us at Blue Elephant Theatre in supporting emerging talent and to celebrate the achievements of Women Internationally. The Balancing Act will be a night of brand new works in progress, diversity and acts that will leave you wanting to take action against gender inequality!

Shelley Owen and Josh Slater
8th & 9th March

What do we choose to share? How do we disguise our vulnerability?

Delving into human relationships, TRY|TRYING|TRIED is a captivating journey of two people who share meetings, smiles, and a desire to just be.
Created and performed by Shelley Owen and Josh Slater, this duet explores the places we have been, the conversations we have, and the vulnerability we feel. Constant choices are made about who and what we present, in what moment.

Just Like Me
Blue Elephant Theatre
8th & 22nd March

On first glance, we can seem so different from one another, but look a little closer and you’ll find we all have something in common. Narissa the rabbit is new to the field and all the other rabbits are busy doing their rabbit things. So, Narissa sets off to find a friend. Everyone seems so very different to her. Freddy the frog, Astrid the Ant and Burton the bee don’t seem anything like a rabbit. But can they really be that different from her? Finding things in common and building unlikely friendships, interactive storytelling and vibrant characters combine in this fun, FREE, family event.

The Adventures of Sam Swallow
By Hilda Cronje
10th & 11th March

Leave only our footprints behind.

Through shadow puppetry and storytelling we are magically transported on the annual migration of a young lesser striped swallow, Sam. Her world is irrevocably changed when she loses her mother over Lagos Nigeria and she is left to navigate the world alone. Along the way she meets many friends who help her find her way home and who all share their stories of their changing environments due to climate change.

Humor of Sense
15th & 16th March

Humans are creatures of habit.

A new year begins and Soho Square sees a host of colourful characters spend their lunch breaks on the same two benches. From Whitney’s predilection for shoes to the solace Derek finds in adult images, they all have habits which could turn into addiction.
As winter turns to spring, watch the people you see every day around London make and break habits. Lunchbreaks is a Black comedy by Brian Beaton, a member of Blue Elephant’s Writers’ Group. It is the first play workshopped at the Writers’ Group to be presented publicly at the Blue Elephant.

It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl
Rachel Creeger 
(with support from Philip Simon)
19th March

Rachel Creeger is the only orthodox Jewish comic on the UK circuit and resident compere of ‘Comedy Upstairs at the Adam & Eve’. She’s also an award winning comedian, director and writer, with credits including West End and touring shows. As heard on BBC Radio London and BBC 3CR, Rachel was a script associate on Radio 4 sketch comedy 2525.
With a face that shouts “Xmas” but a soul that screams “Chanukah”, Rachel Creeger has always felt like she has a foot in two worlds. A solo stand up comedy show from the writer of ‘An Insomniac’s Guide To Ambulances’ about rebellion and the drive to fit in, with a bit about being a pop star. Winner of the Best Comedy Award at the Greater Manchester Fringe 2017, ‘It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl’ enjoyed a sell-out debut Edinburgh Festival Fringe run in 2017, a successful UK tour in 2018 and triumphant return to the Fringe.

Fairytale Mash
Blue Elephant Theatre
21st & 28th March

All Soli wants is a bit of peace and quiet so he heads to the library. There he discovers a thousand new worlds as fairytales come to life around him.
Join the Blue Elephant Storytellers for an interactive session which introduces children to fairytale favourites from Cinderella to Aladdin.

 The Wolf Inside Me
Sepy Baghaei
26th-29th March

Finding your way through grief and sadness

A play with sound and music, The Wolf Inside Me speaks to us of finding our own way through grief and sadness. Rooted in South East London and seen through the eyes of teenagers, it’s a captivating and creative reframing of loss and hope.
The Wolf Inside Me has been commissioned by Blue Elephant Theatre’s Youth Board members. It was created by Sepy Baghaei in response to a brief set by young participants and then chosen for research and development at the Blue Elephant after participants met shortlisted applicants.

The Wolf Inside Me is presented as a work-in-progress performance.

Contents May Differ Theatre
7th-9th April


[teth -er]
1: to fasten or confine (an animal) with a rope or chain so as to restrict its movement.
2:Digital Technology. to use (an electronic device, usually a smartphone or tablet) to enable a wireless Internet connection on another nearby device, often a laptop.

Crossing between the Virtual and the Real, ‘Tethered’ follows Alice’s struggle with self-identity as her world degenerates around her.
Quick Listing:

Nothing to Fear: 1st & 2nd March
The Balancing Act: 5th March
TRY/TRYING/TRIED: 8th & 9th March
Just Like Me (Storytelling event): 8th & 22nd March
The Adventures of Sam Swallow: 10th & 11th March
LunchBreaks: 15th & 16th March
It’s No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl: 19th March
Fairytale Mash (Storytelling event): 21st & 28th March
The Wolf Inside Me: 25th-27th March
Tethered: 5th-7th April

For more information and tickets for Blue Elephant Theatre’s Spring Season, visit the website here

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