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Preview: Treasure Islands by ANDSOFORTH


Ahoy mateys! ANDSOFORTH, Singapore’s biggest immersive theatre company, returns this 2019 with a brand new show and concept to bring audiences to set sail on yet another new world inspired by a classic tale. 

Treasure Islands will see guests go on the hunt for buried treasure at a secret location in the West of Singapore. Playing for one night only, Treasure Islands differs from previous ANDSOFORTH productions, in that instead of a straight up multi/single room dining experience, audience members are allowed free rein to explore the entire play space, comprising rooms where they’ll have to solve puzzles, meet quirky pirates and islanders, and possibly, even get the chance to uncover some buried ‘treasure’!

Upon ticket purchase, guests have an opportunity to choose from four colour-coded pirate crews to join when purchasing their tickets, namely: The Raging Red Rovers, The Blinking Blue Bastilles, The Green Gravy Grovers and The Orange Oddballs. Besides the colour you’re encouraged to come in, there are no actual differences between the teams you end up choosing, that is, until the night begins and your paths diverge based on your teams individual decisions – your experience may end up becoming completely unique!

But to find out what it is you’ll be digging up, there’s only one thing to be done – to get your ticket to ANDSOFORTH’s Treasure Islands, and raise the Jolly Roger for this one of a kind night out on the high seas!  

Treasure Islands plays for one night only on 20th April 2019, at a secret location in the West of Singapore. Tickets available here. Do feel free to come dressed according to your team colours! Each ticket comes with a complimentary drink. Outside food is not allowed, however, there will be food available for purchase onsite. 

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