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Preview: Colours by Split Theatrical Productions


“What is your name?”

Conceptualised in February 2019, and taking inspiration from T.S. Eliot’s set of four poems titled ‘Four Quartets’, Split Theatrical Productions presents a brand new devised work titled Colours. With the original text having taken the form of deeply religious meditations on man’s relationship with time, the universe and the divine, Colours seeks to find something beautiful amidst the drudgery of life, attempting to find meaning in the present instead of constantly focusing on the future and what’s ahead.

Split then offers audiences a chance to take a break and listen to your inner voice as you go on a journey to try and make your own meaning of life, as they lead you to getting in touch with your essential self, and ascend into the colours of your own being with Colours this May. Says director and Split artistic director Darryl Lim: “This piece is, by far, the most personal and intimate in comparison to our previous productions. Many of us go through some form of struggle in our lives that may seem to last forever, such that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t at all visible. We seek redemption in many ways – through religion, through art, through song, though sometimes, all it takes is to simply let go and allow a simple word from a fellow human being to bring refreshment to our souls.”

Colours runs from 18th to 19th May 2019 at the Centre 42 Blackbox. Tickets available here

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