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In London’s West End 2019: Dark Sublime at Trafalgar Studios (Preview)

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LONDON – Written by Michael Dennis and directed by Andrew Keats, watch as Trafalgar Studios plays host to Dark Sublime this June to August. The story follows Oli, who arrives at the door of Marianne, a fading jobbing actress. He’s impatient to make an impression, to make a friend. Marianne knows about waiting – for her turn at something more substantial than a half-remembered role on a cult TV show, for her best friend to see her differently. As Oli forces her back into the past, and a strange, outrageous world she hasn’t visited in almost 40 years, Marianne must find her own way into the future – and together they begin to discover what every good relationship needs: time and space.

Making her West End debut, Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) stars alongside Kaku Mills, Sophie Ward and theatre titans Jacqueline King and Simon Thorp. Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss provides the voice of Kosley, a hysterical talking computer, in this world premiere.

Dark Sublime boldly explores the complexities of relationships, especially in the LGBTQ community. Considering what later life is like for older gay women as well as the next generation, it contrasts bittersweet lived experiences with real humour. This thrilling debut play by Michael Dennis is a theatrical love-letter to British sci-fi television which examines the feeling of belonging that comes with finding your place among the outcasts. Fans will do anything for their heroes, but what if your biggest fan is your closest companion?

Comments director Keates “I’m so glad to be coming home to Trafalgar Studios after having such an extraordinary time directing both As Is and Dessa Rose. Now we bring a brand new play from a debut playwright that gives a stage for mature women and modern LGBT issues with a cast that is truly out of this world.”

A Dark Sublime plays at Trafalgar Studios from 25th June to 3rd August 2019. For more information and tickets, visit their website here


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