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Preview: The Page on Stage – Missing presented by The Arts House


The Arts House’s Page on Stage series has been growing from strength to strength, starting off at the 2018 edition of Textures with an adaptation of short stories from Gopal Baratham, Colin Cheong, Philip Jeyaretnam and Simon Tay, and at the 2019 edition of Textures, with the pared down but very moving Samping, from Math Paper Press’ Balik Kampung series. Now, the series is back for its third part, going beyond Textures to present Ng Swee San’s Missing this week.

Like how Samping was helmed by TV director M Raihan Halim, Missing similarly features a director better known for his work on screen than onstage – K. Rajagopal, whose signature film A Yellow Bird is now available to stream on Netflix. In Missing, he’ll be directing popular TV and stage actress Neo Swee Lin, as we watch what becomes an indictment of the brittle walls we build to protect ourselves from the unknown, and sometimes from what we need.

What if we broke down those walls? What if we never had to censor our love? Missing helps us appreciate those who are gone, and those who move effortlessly past the boundaries of our hearts. Don’t miss this rare chance to see Rajagopal flex his theatrical director skills and be moved by this “elegant cry of childhood passion free from adult constraints,” as The Page on Stage returns this week.

Missing plays from 4th to 7th July 2019 at The Arts House. Tickets available from Peatix

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