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Preview: SSO National Day Concert by Singapore Symphony Orchestra


Brush. Lift. Reflect. Dance. These are just some of the words that infuse Flowing Sleeves, an expressive cello concerto inspired by Chinese operatic dance, written by American-Chinese composer Zhou Tian in collaboration with renowned cellist Wang Jian, who will be performing it this August in its Singaporean premiere, at the prestigious Esplanade Concert Hall.

Also featured will be a brand new work by local composer Joyce Koh, a familiar name in the landscape of cutting-edge, contemporary Singaporean composers. Underpinning her creative impulse is a fascination with architectural structures and scientific theories – and the result on this occasion is the SSO-commissioned one point six one eight zero. Referencing the first five digits of the Golden Ratio, each number in the title is a movement in the work. As Koh puts it, this piece “is a poetic projection of a triangle timbre expressed with the palette of the orchestral instruments”.

The concert, which will also feature Dvořák’s tuneful and optimistic Eighth Symphony, will be conducted by acclaimed British-Australian conductor Jessica Cottis, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “extraordinary”.

Wang Jian – Flowing Sleeves plays on 15th August 2019 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets available here



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