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Singapore International Festival of Arts Announces Natalie Hennedige As Festival Director From 2021-23

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The Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) has announced Natalie Hennedige, Artistic Director at Cake Theatrical Productions, as the next Festival Director for SIFA 2021 to 2023, following current Festival Director Gaurav Kripalani as his three-year tenure draws to a close with SIFA 2020 next year. Hennedige will officially assume the role as Festival Director Designate in January 2020 where she will get to work with Kripalani and the AHL team to ensure a smooth handover. During this period, Hennedige will begin to make plans and forge relationships as she prepares to unveil her vision for the next three years of SIFA in 2021.

Known for her avant-garde productions with Cake, Hennedige has engineered artistically adventurous works such as the multi-disciplinary Decimal Points series and Running with Strippers platform. Hennedige range of work defies conventional labels, with her unique artistic voice and bold inventiveness winning her several accolades, including the 2007 National Arts Council Young Artist Award and the 2010 JCCI Singapore Foundation Culture Award.

The selection of a new Festival Director is a reminder of the core values of SIFA which emphasises the need to showcase the best of local and international works that present unique voices within a broader remit of international discourse. Hennedige will continue to build on those values and provide fresh perspectives while strengthening SIFA’s identity as a premier destination in the global arts scene.

Sarah Martin, CEO of AHL, shares: “Art in life, and life in art does not stand still. SIFA embodies this spirit of evolution and a different director at the helm at each new cycle brings new insights and introduces diversity into the arts landscape. Gaurav and the AHL team have brought the festival from strength to strength in the last three years. We welcome Natalie as she embarks on the next lap of SIFA’s future where we can continue to explore, innovate and grow the festival in its multiple dimensions on the world map.”

Hennedige adds: “I will be looking to reacquaint myself with the festival from its beginnings till present time, taking in its shifts and evolutions. The festival is on a continuum and taking it forward means understanding its place in the context of the present. Each festival director writes a new chapter by designing an arc that corresponds to their unique perspectives and artistic leanings. Together with the AHL team, I hope to define and deliver an inspired vision for SIFA in its next chapter for Singapore. To uplift, that would be my ultimate hope.”

Says Gaurav Kripalani, SIFA’s current Festival Director: “I am delighted by the AHL Board’s decision to appoint Natalie. It has been an honour to be the eighth Festival Director, helming Singapore’s pinnacle national arts festival. I look forward to passing the baton to Natalie after my last SIFA concludes on 31st May 2020 and have communicated my full support to her for a smooth transition.”

The Singapore International Festival of the Arts returns in 2020 from 15th to 31st May. For more information, visit their website 

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